My story

Hey Fiona Here,
I wanted to reach out to you all and share with you my Health & Fitness journey so far, so
you can get to know more about me.
My sporting background began from the age of 5 when I was fortunate enough my parents
got us a permanent move to the United States. At just 5 years old, I started playing tennis,
being coached daily which led me to playing competitively across the country through to my
late teens. Whilst playing tennis, I was also involved in a lot of athletics, basketball, hockey
and ballet in America. From a small child I loved sport, moving and challenging my body.
But tennis was my favourite sport, I was working so hard practicing and being coached daily
and it became my dream to be a professional tennis player, it was all I ever wanted., I always
remember my coach in Washington State telling my mom, both your daughters are going to
go all the way. But In my early teens my mom had to move us back to England so I continued
to try pushing for a professional tennis career back in England, but all the hours of coaching
and travel was too expensive for my mom and there wasn’t any scholarships in England at
that time it was really frustrating. I took part in local regional tournaments but without the
funding for coaching I couldn’t get where I needed to, and sadly I could not pursue my tennis
dream, so I played for a few years as a hobby but I struggled playing because I wanted this to
be more than a hobby it was my passion and dream to go all the way, and I didn’t want to
take the coaching path because that was not my dream, being a professional player was, and i
felt like i needed to step away from playing as a hobby as I found it hard to enjoy because it
was sad for me I couldn’t pursue this path . From here, I knew I needed to be doing
something athletic for a living as fitness has been all I’ve known from a small child. So, I
started training at the gym and grew a huge desire and passion for training I knew my new
path was to pursue a career in the health & fitness industry, I wanted to be able to share my
passion for health, fitness & wellbeing with as many people as possible, learn, experience &
help others on their health & fitness journeys. So after few years of training in the gym daily,
I went onto obtain my diploma in personal training & sports massage therapy qualifications
and set up my personal training business in England.
 From here, I then discovered the Ashtanga Yoga Method and began to practice daily in-
between my gym training; I fell in love with how athletic and challenging it was for me
physically and mentally and started to grow a lot of interest into how yoga can benefit
athletes in sport. I began a lot of reading & research and from here I knew I wanted to learn
more about the Ashtanga yoga method, the benefits to the body and to learn more about
myself spiritually and knew to do this I needed to go practice & meditate and live the yoga
philosophy in the birth place of yoga. So, I travelled to India on my own which was a huge
amazing experience for me on my health and fitness journey. I travelled to India to study the
Ashtanga Yoga Vinyasa Method and gained my 200 TTC Ashtanga Vinyasa Teaching
certification there. With everything I learnt from the teacher training I was really excited as I
knew all the benefits this athletic yoga method had to offer athletes in sport, I then, alongside
my personal training, started specializing in teaching sports specific yoga sessions to
Football, MMA & Boxing professionals in England to enhance their performance, prevent
injuries, increase speed, agility, flexibility and improve mindset.
Along the way, my desire grew to be back dancing again & expressing my body through
movements & synergy working my muscles in unconventional ways and I couldn’t do this
with the conventional personal training diploma set syllabus that I had learnt. I struggled to
be able to express my creativity through movement with the set syllabus these courses

offered. I needed to learn and experience new ways of movement so I could express my
creativity and move and connect better with my body. So I went onto study Dance &
performing Arts, studying Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary and choreography. I love being
creative with my body and also enjoy the challenge of the technical strength side of the dance
training. I fell in love with the freedom I had to express my creativity through movement and
I loved the look my physique achieved with the technical dance training incorporated into my
movement bodyweight work, Pilates & my weight training. I enjoyed this so much as I’ve
never been very excited by many conventional forms of fitness and much preferred the look I
achieved from working my body in unconventional ways inspired by my dancing and Pilates
work. From here I built a better connection with my body. With my movement and dance
technique/choreography experience I have implemented this into aspects of my personal
fitness training sculpting methods with my female clientele to assist in achieving a very
feminine look that is sculpted, proportionate, flexible, tight and strong.
I have been personal training since 2011 helping many men & women on their health &
fitness journeys.
My mission is to help and inspire as many men & women as possible to achieve their ideal
body, optimum health, to be confident, healthy and happy.
Fiona x